Green Deal Assessments

What is The Green Deal Assessment?

Green Deal Assessments Bristol and BathThe “Green Deal Assessment” is an assessment of the current energy efficiency of your home which takes into account the way your household actually uses energy.

During the assessment which usually lasts approximately 2 hours, a trained assessor will ascertain the relevant facts about your property and energy usage in order to produce the relevant reports which are the starting point for any improvements to be made.

How the “Green Deal” works

Green Deal Assessments Bristol and Bath
Once your home energy efficiency and usage report is created, the qualified energy advisor will explain each element of the reports produced.

Then you will be given impartial advice on the  possible improvements available and potential savings available.


Benefits to The Consumer

  • Having a Green Deal Assessment undertaken on your property will help you to understand your home’s energy efficiency and usage.
  • The reports produced will recommend energy saving improvements based on how your household actually uses energy.
  • In most cases, the costs involved can be paid for over time via your energy bill.
  • These costs will always be equalled or outweighed by the savings made, therefore having the net effect of decreasing your energy bills
  • 45 Measures or Potential areas of improvement ~ Click Here for a list


Working with Energy Apprise

To benefit from all the advantages of Green Deal, you first need to organise an energy assessment for your property.
At Energy Apprise, our authorised Green Deal Energy Assessors are specially trained to provide accurate and impartial advice about your home’s energy performance.

To improve your property’s energy efficiency, we will look at the following areas:

  • Insulation from cavity walls to draught proofing
  • Loft Insulation
  • Windows
  • Heating and hot water systems
  • Renewable technologies

At the same time, we will balance the cost savings possible against the cost of the various improvements available.
The end result will be a unique Green Deal Plan tailored specifically to the individual needs of your household and property.

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