Domestic EPC

Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

What is The Purpose of an EPC?

An energy performance certificate is required by law on a number of occasions, the main ones being when a property is being put up for sale or rental.

An EPC will show how energy efficient a property is in relation to certain criteria and it will also explain where improvements could be made.

If made, these improvements will drive down energy bills and help you do your bit for the environment.

How it Works.

Energy Apprise will arrange to send a suitably qualified assessor to your property at a pre-arranged time which is convenient for you.
The assessor will look over your property and take notes on various elements in relation to how the house is heated, insulated and how hot water is heated.

After the inspection, the assessor will produce the EPC which shows the results of the findings.
These results can be used to determine the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of the property and help reduce future energy bills.


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