Business Utility Broker

Business Energy Utility Broker   

 Working in partnership with a leading commercial energy broker, (Utilitrack) which means we are able to get the best pricing with very favourable contract terms for our customers.

We deliver much greater value than cheaper prices. We do not have hidden charges and operate a highly ethical business. We do not use strong arm sales tactics and do not use any type of deceptive sales technique.
Our Utility Management service includes tendering and negotiating with the most respected utility providers. We limit contractual and financial risks by avoiding suppliers that we know are unreliable.

To get you the best deal, we will:

  • Handle registration enquiries
  • Negotiate directly with utility companies
  • Select the ideal time to issue tenders
  • Determine the best contract proposal
  • Issue electronic tenders prepared in a format that meets supplier needs
  • Check that contracts are correct and adhered to by suppliers
  • Confirm the suitability of terms and conditions
  • Monitor the market, its trends, regulations, changes and additions in response to your needs

Let us work for you to secure lower costs and better contractual terms.
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Saving your business money has become as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1 (with your permission)

We need your permission in the form of a letter of authority, that we will provide, and a copy of your latest energy bill.
With this information we immediately start tracking your utility spend and obtain the best energy solution for your business.

Utilitrack will benchmark the tariff and associated price you are paying for your gas and electricity without invoicing you. We are paid an industry standard commission by the supplier you select from our report.

We are independent and completely impartial, working on your behalf ensuring maximum savings are achieved on all future contracts.

We act like an insurance broker tendering your usage to all the leading energy companies plus a host of specialist suppliers, identifying anypossible savings. Our position as working with one of the country’s leading utilities consultancies means that we have the strength to negotiate the best possible financial and contract terms on behalf of you, our client.



We will log and verify your meters to establish when your contract ends. Once we know this our account managers start their work. Most importantly they ensure our clients aren’t unfairly rolled into a new contract by their current supplier at unfavourable terms.


Step 3

Once your contract is ready to go to market we will offer a comprehensive, managed, tendering service to ensure you are able to review the widest possible range of supply offers. We then guide our clients to help them select the most competitive and appropriate contract to meet their needs.

Our aim is to provide you with a hassle free quality service not only for the first contract but for all your future renewals. You let us do all the work, so you can focus on running your business. Furthermore the prices we are able to negotiate with the electricity and gas suppliers will be more competitive than any that you will be quoted directly.


It is as simple as that!

If your contract isn’t up for renewal, we will log your supply details and contact you before your contract expires to arrange a comprehensive price comparison.

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